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Artisans Drawing

Some time ago we had the opportunity of manufacturing a custom chandelier that we had originally created for a client that had visited France and had fallen in love with an antique chandelier there. He had taken several pictures of it and emailed them to us. From those images we were able to reproduce the antique chandelier from his trip to France.

Now that we were creating the same chandelier design for a different client, I wanted to show a bit of the process of how from a picture supplied by the clients, the design is sketch by one of our artisans to a life size scale drawing made with chalk. This is use as a guide to forged the pieces that will later create the final design. The images show the chandelier without a finish so that the process would be more visible.

There are no computer images used or sophisticated equipment. Every step is done following the methods used by ironsmiths ages ago, where hand forging of solid iron materials, from the body of the design to the chain they hang from and finishes applied by hand were the only way to create the timeless pieces that we look to recreate today.

Please visit us again as we will be posting periodically different projects and design ideas in our Hacienda Lights Blog.

Rebeca Anchondo.

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