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You found the right place to showcase your taste in French style lighting fixtures with our products. Here at Hacienda Lights and Iron you can explore our hand picked selection of French style iron lighting and French Country Style lighting. Our French iron chandeliers resemble prosperity, pure elegance, and timeless beauty. These French style chandeliers are adored for the beauty and simplicity it brings to your living space. Our French style iron chandeliers are constructed and built from heavy duty materials and quality craftsmanship. You can explore our many french style lightings as well: French Style Wall sconces, French Style Pendants, and French style exterior lights.

What is French Country Style Lighting?

French country style chandeliers are typically crafted with simplicity, and harbor antiquated features compared to their counterparts which possess intricate shapes and are usually decorated more complex patterns. One distinct difference, French country style chandeliers have wider arrangement and placement of their arms. This French country style brand identity lets the beauty of the curvature and solid materials act as a focal point. Chandeliers started out as simple designs designed to hold burning candles, but by the early 18th century, extravagant and neoclassical forms of chandeliers became the norm, as did the combination of cast iron metal and carved wood that is often found in Swedish Gustavian style pieces and furniture. This legacy continues today, with neutral color pallets, distressed finishes and delicate flourishes of leaves and floral decoration.

How to choose your French country style lighting

Many falsely have the notion that pursuing a French country design is almost too posh or too elegant for the average home designer, when in fact it is only the vision that truly matters. When furniture is paired correctly, this aesthetic can bring a new age of modernism that will impress whoever occupies that space. As these french country chandeliers have been around for centuries, it’s inevitable that they will return to the norm again. Its subtle nuances compared to the likes of contemporary, rustic, modern buzzwords put french country lighting and french country style ahead of its counterparts. Be sure to choose subtle and warm colors, rather than monochromatic shades. French country style is all about being welcoming and creating a relaxing atmosphere. Check out our French country chandeliers here.