Orders are consider placed when payment has been received.

Client is responsible for reviewing the submitted invoice. Any changes after 24 hours of receiving invoice will be subject to approval by Hacienda Lights and Iron.

Trade customers are responsible for the information on their purchase order. Hacienda Lights and iron is not responsible for errors on clients’ submitted purchase orders. Any changes to the order after it has been placed are subject to approval by Hacienda Lights and Iron.

Approved changes will incur a charge depending on the extent of the change and how far along the product is in the manufacturing process. ONCE PAYMENT HAS BEEN MADE ORDER CANNOT BE CANCELED.

Since all of our designs are hand forged and finished by hand, if you are ordering designs that must match, they must all be ordered at the same time to avoid color variations or details from lot to lot. This also applies if you are trying to replicate an existing design and color finish; a physical sample would be needed for an exact match.

All designs are wired with UL Components.