Product Information

Light Bulbs…

  • Most of our designs include 4′ candelabra size sockets. Sconces and pendants with 4 lights or less can use light bulbs rated up to 60w. unless stated differently in the individual product description. Lights bulbs are not included.
  • We highly recommend that chandeliers that have 10 or more lights use light bulbs that are 25w. Remember that the light output of one light bulb is very different when you multiply it by 12, 14, 18, or up to 24 lights bulbs. Consult with your electrician to have clear knowledge of your individual electrical installation.
  • For chandeliers that have 6 to 8 lights, we recommend 25w to 40w. light bulbs.
  • For chandeliers that have 4 to 6 lights, we recommend 25w to 40w. light bulbs.
  • To choose the right wattage for your light bulbs, it’s important to consider the different criteria of the light fixture’s location. This includes the ceiling height, room size, dimmers, natural light and other light sources, as well as the function of that specific area.


  • All of our designs come with antique glazed candle covers included (Light bulbs up to 60w can be used). Wide, extra wide and regular resin candle covers (Light bulbs up to 60w can be used)are available for an extra cost. As well as natural beeswax candle covers. Please note that natural beeswax candle covers are limited to 25w light bulbs. If using LED light bulbs you may used higher wattage on natural beeswax or hollow resin candle covers.

How our designs are measured…

  • Each product is measured from the widest point to the highest point of the design’s iron portion. Designs like those of sconces, where the highest point is sometimes the candle, add 4′ to the height. For example, if a sconce dimensions say its 10″w x 24″h, you would add 4″ for the candle to the height. The overall dimensions would be 10″w x 28″.
  • Because all of our products, including our chain are handmade, the measurements may vary slightly.
  • Chandeliers and pendants dimensions do not include chain.


  • All hanging fixtures, like chandeliers and pendants, include up to 5 feet of hand-forged chain.
  • Extra chain is available for order at $13.00 per linear foot. If your design requires a double chain to hang and you order extra feet of chain, cost will be per linear feet and per chain.
  • Please specify the length of chain needed to hang your fixture at the time of ordering.

Fireplace Screens…

  • All of our fireplace screens can be made in free standing or in custom built design with operating doors.
  • All fireplace screens come with heavy woven wire mesh back as well as a powder coat base for extra protection.