French Style Residence Interior Designs

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French Style Residence Interior Designs

We had the opportunity to design and manufacture a complete remodel of a French Style residence. It included interior elements as lighting, hand rails, curtain rods, andirons and fireplace screens as well as exterior balconies, gates and lighting.

The owner wanted to incorporate natural materials and use only hand forged iron designs throughout the house but not have the iron work overpower the other elements or make the feel of the home heavy.

Working with a manufacturer that specializes in custom hand forged iron designs, like Hacienda Lights, enabled the owners the freedom too selected unique original designs and have them fit perfectly each space while also creating a flow were every piece works with the one next to it.

A good eye for space can create a timeless home that is unique as the person who will leave there.

In todays Blog entry we included a few pictures taken on site of the hand forged iron interior designs that we manufactured for the clients.

In the next Blog entry we will included the exterior hand forged iron design for the residence.

We hope you enjoy the images.




Rebeca Anchondo.


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