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How Our Designs Are Measured

Each product is measured from the widest point to the highest point of the design’s iron portion.

Because our products are handmade, slight variations may exist from the dimensions listed.

Designs like those of wall sconces, where the highest point is sometimes the candle, 4 inches should be added to know the total height. For example, if a wall sconce dimensions are specified on the website catalog as 10″w x 24″h, you would add 4″ for the candle to the height. The overall dimensions would be 10″w x 28″.

Chandelier and pendant dimensions do not include chain.

If a chandeliers specifies 36″w x 48″h, the height would be just for the body of the chandelier. Chain is not included in the height.

The same applies to Pendant lights. Dimensions specified are just for the body of the pendant. No chain is included in the dimension.


All hanging fixtures, like chandeliers and pendants, include up to 5 feet of hand-forged chain.

Extra chain is available for order at $13.00 per linear foot. If your design requires a double chain to hang and you order extra feet of chain, cost will be per linear feet and per chain.

Please specify the length of chain needed to hang your fixture at the time of ordering.

Light Bulbs…

Most of our designs include 4” candelabra size sockets. Sconces and pendants with 4 lights or less can use light bulbs rated up to 60w. unless stated differently in the individual product description. Lights bulbs are not included.

We highly recommend that chandeliers that have 10 or more lights use light bulbs that are 25w. Please note that the light output of one light bulb is very different when you multiply it by 12, 14, 18, or up to 24 light bulbs.

Consult with your electrician to have the best knowledge of your individual electrical installation.

For chandeliers that have 6 to 8 lights, we recommend 25w to 40w. light bulbs.

For chandeliers that have 4 to 6 lights, we recommend 25w to 40w. light bulbs.

To choose the right wattage for your light bulbs, it’s important to consider the different criteria of the light fixture’s location. This includes the ceiling height, room size, dimmers, natural light and other light sources, as well as the function of that specific area.

Candle Covers…

Candle cover #01 Antique glazed candle cover design (Included)All of our designs come with antique glazed candle covers. Light bulbs up to 60w can be used.

We offer multiple other candle cover options at an additional cost. The options include wide, extra wide, regular resin candle covers that use light bulbs up to 60w, and natural beeswax candle covers.

Please note that natural beeswax candle covers are limited to 25w light bulbs and not recommended if using in an enclosed design, like exterior lanterns.

If using LED light bulbs, you may use higher wattage on natural beeswax or hollow resin candle covers.

Exterior Lights

EX-001When purchasing your exterior lights, it is always good to remember that your selection should mirror the level of quality and scale of your project. Whether residential or commercial, lighting is the finishing touch to any façade, illuminating the surroundings, while bringing depth and richness to the environment.

Variations of the same style for different areas of you project can be used. We recommend specifying the largest lights for the main entrance, combining the same design in a smaller size through the rest of the project. Another option we offer is to use half wall sconces, half lights that are flush against the wall, and cut your overall costs while still maintaining the same design throughout.

Many of our clients choose one of our designs and go to create a full collection for their project, including post lights and pendants. Let us know how we can design your unique exterior lighting collection based on the sizes and styles you need.

Our prices for exterior lights include a powder coat base finish plus a choice of a hand applied second coat of color. We offer 12 color finishes to give your exterior lanterns an old world look.

We take great pride in the quality of our finishes. We recommend that each piece receive proper maintenance so you can enjoy your fixture for a long time.

Since our products are made of iron, we cannot offer a guaranty against rust.

We offer two types of glass. The first option is clear seeded glass that gives an aged look with small air bubbles trapped inside. Secondly, we offer a clear glass that can be sandblasted. If you prefer a different type of glass, please call us.

Although all of our electrical sockets can use light bulbs up to 60w, we recommend using 25w-40w light bulbs on your exterior designs. Most of our lanterns use candelabra base light bulbs. Designs that use standard base (Edison) will be specified.

Chandeliers and Pendants


Chandeliers create a visual impact in any room and have a powerful effect on the design of a room.

We suggest some guidelines to follow when selecting your chandelier:

-Remember that scale is very important. A chandelier should complement, not overpower.

-The bottom of your design should not be lower than 90” from the floor.

When hanging a chandelier over your dining room table, the width of your design should be 12” narrower than the table and have a clearance of 30”-36” from the bottom of your chandelier to the top of your table. If you have a table that is very long, you have an option of selecting two smaller chandeliers or pendants instead of a single large chandelier.

To create an inviting atmosphere, it is better to use multiple light sources in each room. Consider using a combination of a chandelier or pendants and wall sconces from our catalog to achieve an overall harmonious combination of finishes and designs that complement one another and create a unique and timeless room.

When selecting light bulbs for chandeliers that have 4-8 lights, we recommend using 25w-40w light bulbs. If your design has more than 8 lights, 25w light bulbs should be used. All chandelier designs use candelabra base light bulbs. Light bulbs are not included.

Wall Sconces


Wall sconces lend ambient light to a room with a soft background glow that complements chandeliers and recessed lighting.

Wall sconces should be located between 60”-65” above the floor. There are many variables that can change the placement. One such example are rooms with high ceilings that make the placement of the fixture higher to highlight the scale of the room. The one consistency is determining the correct location to allow the majority of the people in the space to enjoy the wall sconce from their normal positions, without suffering from the glare of an exposed bulb.

When choosing the finish, style and scale of your sconces, it is always best to take into account the design and finish of the primary source of light in the room

When selecting your light bulbs, 25w-40w is recommended for sconces. We recommend this as their placement is closer to eye level and having a very bright light bulb would be uncomfortable for those around.

All of our wall sconces use candelabra base light bulbs up to 60w. Light bulbs not included.

Fireplace Screens


We offer a selection of fireplace screens that can be custom made to most sizes. These screens are manufactured in either a free standing design or a custom size with operating doors built in.

All custom fire screens orders that have an arched top must be supplied in an accurate template.

Fire screens include a metal mesh back.

Custom designs from pictures or drawings can be manufacture to your specifications.