Warranty and Guarantee

We guarantee our products against any defects in workmanship or material for one year from the date the order is paid in full. Damages due to misuse, accidents, faulty installation, use of improper light bulbs, incidental or consequential damages, improper cleaning and maintenance, and normal wear and tear and extreme weather conditions are not covered. Hacienda Lights and Iron, LLC  liability is limited only to repair and replace, at its sole discretion, products found to have a defect caused by original work done in our workshop. 

We reserve the right to charge for a repair or replacement costs of items damaged through no fault of Hacienda Lights and Iron, LLC. An estimate of such repairs will be quoted for approval prior to starting work. In the event a repair is needed due to events or conditions beyond our control, the total cost of shipping is the sole responsibility of the client.

The date of order completion indicated on the invoice determines the effective date of warranty.

There is no reimbursement for charges such as removal or re-installation of items in question. Any repair work will be authorized by Hacienda Lights and Iron. Any modification not authorize by Hacienda Lights and Iron, LLC in writing will void the warranty.

Although we powder coat all of our exterior designs and apply a three step finishing process to all of our pieces, Hacienda Lights and Iron does not offer a guaranty against rust and aging/changing of color due to environmental impact and age, since this is beyond our control. Maintenance and geographical location will determine the life of the product.

Optional methods of protection such as galvanized base are available. It is up to the client to determine which protection base is better suited for their location.

As all of our pieces are manufactured by hand, slight variations may occur in the design, color finish as well as size. When reordering the same design, Hacienda lights and Iron, LLC does not guarantee an exact match if a sample of the original order is not available to us.

Hacienda Lights and Iron, LLC is not liable for any special or consequential damages, labor, repair or removal of defective part as well as any damage to glass panels, missing candle covers or damages to any item during transit and not reported in the time required, no exceptions.


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